Simple ways to combat office slouching


Sitting in an office all day, in a cushy chair, working at your computer can be as comfy as being sat in bed watching great British bake off, however, it can play havoc with your body and posture.

We’re don’t want to be the sort of people who throw articles at your face claiming that getting a standing desk is a route to enlightenment or that sitting is the devil and will most certainly kill you mostly because it’s tedious but also because that’s simply not the case.

Don’t mistake us, a sedentary (sitting) lifestyle is linked to a good deal of negative disorders, such as diabetes and obesity to name a few. However, they’re only linked because there’s a direct correlation between sitting and lack of exercise.

If you’re sat it means your body is probably burning the minimum amount of calories it can possibly, simply because your muscles are not doing anything besides prop yourself up.

We would describe the different exercises you can do while at your desk such as running in place, push-ups, tricep dips on your chair, glute squeezes on your chair, wall sits, and lunges. But what these articles fail to mention is how your coworkers will look at you, confused and scared, or how this might stop you from actually doing the work you’re supposed to be doing. Instead, let’s focus on practical solutions that allow you to get a workout, without being the office clown.

Focus on your lunch break. Yes, your lunch break is supposed to be a time for you to take a break from work and relax. But exercise can improve feelings of positivity and happiness.

Here’s a quick list of some exercise that you can do to prevent injuries (and hopefully not get too sweaty in the process – lest you annoy your colleagues).

Walking / Jog
The point of this isn’t to go mad, it’s just to get your muscles moving and active, as well as upping your heart rate. For this, we’d recommend a brisk walk more than a jog, just a simple 10-minute walk at a moderate pace, this way you could mosey along still eating that delicious sandwich you had for lunch with the added benefit of fresh air.

You should always stretch, even if you’re just getting out of your seat to grab a cuppa or a coffee. Good stretches to do are some neck rolls, chest stretches by placing your arms around your back and opening your chest up and toe touches. Anything that flexes your spine and neck muscles as they are the ones that take the brunt from sitting. But also work your hands and wrists if you work a lot on a computer.

If you’re outside for your walk or jog, do a few lunges while nobody’s looking, it can really help work out your legs as well as that poor old behind that you’re plonked on all day.

Might be out of the question but like lunges you can sneak a couple in if nobody is looking, make sure your feet are squared with your body and parallel and your back is straight, and drop all the way!

Wall Sit
Waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ding? Rest your back against the wall and drop into a sit like pose, imagine there’s a seat coming off the wall. Really good quick exercise.

Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t have to be your lifestyle, you make sure to keep your car in good working order, so why not do the same with your body? You’ll thank us when everyone around you is complaining about neck pain while you breeze through your report that’s due Monday.

However, if we’re too late and you’re already suffering from a sedentary job or other pains, our physiotherapy practice can help you get back into working order, get in touch with us today via or on 07540 543188.