How physio can help you recover from an injury

Through the various techniques used during physiotherapy, weeks and even months can be shaved off the recovery time needed for many injuries and illnesses. This is due to the therapies promoting the body’s natural healing and by reducing pain in order to allow more restful sleep which again promotes natural healing. Exercise, or mechanical stress, stimulates tissue repair – along with an increase in blood flow which is also promoted by many other physio techniques. As you know, an increase in blood flow means oxygen and nutrients are brought more quickly to the injury site which allows it to heal more quickly.

Much of the pain which often accompanies an injury is largely psychological – with an understanding of exactly why an injury hurts and how treatments help the affected area, much of the pain can disappear. With the understanding of the injury comes the knowledge of how to easily prevent further injuries, either to the same spot or elsewhere on the body – this is often simply by performing stretches on a regular basis, and again before exercise.

Many injuries develop over time – one day it’s a slight ache and by the next day you’re struggling to move the affected area. With larger injuries it can take weeks for the injury to fully set in; with treatment, the injury can be halted in its tracks, and healing can begin before the injury has developed to its fullest.

In extreme cases, surgery is a must; however, through physio, it can often be avoided as the muscle and ligaments around an injury are strengthened. Alternatively, physio can be an effective way to get you back to full strength after any surgery has occurred. Physiotherapy can be used to treat large or small injuries, new injuries and even ones you have had for years.