Making You New

At NB Physiotherapy, we are a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists. Whether you need a sport, musculoskeletal, neurological or a Paediatric Physiotherapist, we will have the right clinician to meet your needs. All our Physiotherapists are recruited on the basis of their diagnostic, treatment, and personal qualities. We use a patient-centered holistic approach at all levels of our physical care and time will be taken to fully understand and analyse each patient’s injury or condition.

We specialise in ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy providing treatment and advice following injury, surgery or gradual onset of pain and restriction. We can help at any time during recovery, from immediate post injury through to full return to sport and competition and we often collaborate with coaches or fitness instructors to maximise individual goals, whether for sport or general fitness. By combining the knowledge and experience of Physiotherapists, fitness experts and coaches we are able to provide an unrivalled level of service for those serious about their health and sports performance.

Our Approach:


We’ll listen to your whole story. What your pain points are, what the problem is stopping you from doing and what your goals are. It could be as simple as managing to walk up and down stairs or pick picking up your child pain free. We’ll take on board your medical situation and liaise with your medical team to make sure all areas of your care are managed properly and effectively.


Everyone is individual. We’ll review the right treatment programme for your exact needs. We’ll discuss our programme with you and how this can fit into your daily life and regime. Remember as well as the sessions with us, we want to empower you by giving you the tools to go forwards with a new way of looking after yourself.


Once we’ve agreed a treatment programme that is right for you, we’ll start your programme. As each session is unique to you, sessions will vary. We’ll also provide you with ‘homework’ – simple exercises and activity you can do on your own. Whether you’re a pro-athlete or an office worker desk-bound all day, there will be ways you can build in your treatment into your daily routine.


We know that having an injury can have an effect on your mental well-being. Combining our physiotherapy and personal training expertise, we’ll ensure that you receive high quality one-to-one support through your time with us. As well as your post-treatment management plan, we’ll follow up on your progress on a regular basis to ensure you’re at your always performing at your best. Even if you do relapse, we promise to respond without delay and get you back on track.


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