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We are passionate about getting you back to what you love doing. In fact, we go beyond the expected. We listen, coach and support you back to an active life. Discover a new breed of physiotherapy today.

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When we say we’re ‘Beyond the Expected’, we mean it. From a professional career in football to high-achieving physiotherapists in the medical sector, we’re passionate about helping people achieve their ambitions, no matter how big or small they may be.

We established NB Physio to share our passions, expertise and know-how for everyone.


Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

Musculoskeletal therapists specialise in the treatment of musculo (muscle) and skeletal (joint) conditions. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy operates with a more advanced clinical assessment and diagnostic approach than traditional physiotherapy.

A healthier you. A Better you.

Don’t be held back. Even the smallest injury, pain or ache, can stop you from enjoying life’s simplest pleasures.

Sports & Fitness

Achieving success means keeping your body and mind in harmony. We know you want to be injury free, but strong and agile too.


We recognise that an injury or accident affects the whole person, not just the body. That’s why we actively support you through your recovery.


Are you considering the health & wellbeing of your employees? The simplest malalignment or postural weakness due to poor sitting position.


The next cycling champion, footballer or simply want to be active again, we’ll work with you and your child to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

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Our dedicated Hub provides you with shared insights, hints and tips, and testimonials from our clients.



What Customers Say

Nathan has been instrumental in getting me back to fitness. I had been suffering various pains to the point it was painful to walk.

Nathan was just amazing at getting movement back into my body over several sessions. I am now able to run again, pain free, and with a good stretching routine hope to be free of pain for many years to come.

Elliot Goodbody

Nathan has been absolutely brilliant throughout my treatment process. I went to him after a bad horse riding fall which was then impacting my running. Through plenty of treatments we got to the bottom of the issue and Nathan also sorted me out with some orthotics which have taken me from getting shin splints after running a mile to taking part in Staffs Ironman and being given a place in the London Marathon. I can’t thank Nathan enough for the amazing work he did for me. 100% would recommend.

Alex Hemming

I visited NB Physiotherapy after suffering knee pain from running. From my initial consultation I was extremely impressed with the way the problem is analysed and how Nathan produced such a personalised exercise plan. Nathan spent time explaining to me the underlying cause of the problem so I could fully understand what and how the problem was, how it needed to be corrected, and how to better manage similar issues in the future. I can fully recommend Nathan at NB Physio.

Sarah Croft

I have been using NBphysio for 12 months to support my training and as injury prevention. I have found Nathan to be a highly professional and skilled physio. Nathan works in partnership with his clients, he has the ability to think outside the box and is very much focused on individual needs. Nathan is clearly well read on new therapies and keeps up to date on research allowing him to offer a service of a high standard.

Susan Bennet

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